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      Silas Clark came to Colorado in search of oil. At a depth 1425 feet he discovered something far more precious...     WATER!   Not just any water. It was special. It's taste was so good that people came to Pueblo from all parts of the Country just to try it.  In 1905 a new three story resort was built to accommodate the growing number of guests who not only drank the water but also bathed in it. Also during this period wooden barrels and stone jugs containing our water were shipped by train throughout the union.

     At Clark Spring Water Co. our history is indeed rich, and our well continues it's artesian flow. Today you can have this precious water delivered to you home office or shop. Or you can come to our Plant and pick it up.

           So give us a call at  @ 719-543-1594    

                         Or email us @ clarkspring@qwestoffice.net