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  Silas Clark truly was an amazing man. As a gifted business man, he flourished as a merchant and an oilman in Pennsylvania. At the age of fifty-seven his adventurous, pioneering spirit led him West in the 1870's to pursue mining where he was also a success.

  Searching and drilling for oil was his passion, so in 1879 in Pueblo, Colorado he began to drill for oil. At a depth of 1,425 feet he struck... water ! 

  The men on his drilling team began drinking the water and proclaimed its virtues. People traveling west stopped to drink and bathe in the water. Silas' brief disappointment at striking water instead of oil soon turned to optimism as he recognized the value of this special water. Silas built the first bath resort and word of the well began to spread.

  Soon people from all over the state, the country and even the world came to Pueblo to try Clark's spring water! our company still operates at the exact location where all this took place all many years ago.